We are pleased to inform our clients of our new refreshments list which includes wine/bear/fresh juices andsparkling water in addition to freshly ground coffee and variuos tea selections.

All FREE of charge to our valued customers

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Message for basecuts clients

We are pleased to be able to offer our valued basecuts clients our new mobile app,with all the salon details opening times/price list/team profiles/reviews and last minute times.
In addition the basecuts loyalty scheme, giving discounts and rewards for future haircut and colour visits, Promotions including product discounts.
You will also be able to see the Gallery of clients hairstyles created in the salon.
Customer referral section offering 15% discounts to both new and existing clients.
We hope we have covered everything to give all clients something back for their valued patronage.

Please download the basecuts app today and we look forward to seeing you soon

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Olaplex Window Cling (4)OLAPLEX®
“One Ingredient changes everything.”
BASECUTS   is proud to be amongst the first in the UK to launch Olaplex as a new in salon service.
This revolutionary new colour upgrade service has become a sensation amongst Hollywood’s ‘A’ celebrities and across the world.

“The Holy Grail for Hair Colour”

“If a beauty company could keep chemical treatments from hurting hair, that’d really be something.” These were the thoughts of Dean Cristal, founder of Olaplex when conceiving the scientific solution for this new Wonder Product.

With Dean’s and his scientists discovery, Hair Colouring, may never been the same again…so here’s what
Olaplex does:

Olaplex helps rebuild the broken disulphide bonds within the hair that can break during chemical processes, particularly colouring or using thermal heated tools. Disulphide bonds are the bonds that give elasticity and strength to the hair.

Use Olaplex as a pre-treatment or alongside colouring or lightening hair.

This chemistry has never been seen before and opens up brand new possibilities in hairdressing colour variations.

Seeing ….and Feeling is believing.
U.S. Patent Published.

For more information see

Please call the salon or mention Olaplex when you book your appointment, we cant wait to tell you more.



Latest figures showing that 1/3 of all women own straightening irons and surprisingly 1 in 5 men; this has been due to the craze over the last few years of silky smooth dead straight hair.

We are seeing so many new clients with very dry, split, limp lack lustre hair and in nearly all cases thinning broken hair caused by the constant use of straightening irons. The process is fairly slow and the change often goes unnoticed being so gradual, some will notice short tufts of shorter hair appearing especially around the front sides of their hair.

Most modern day ceramic irons reach temperatures of 220 degrees Celsius once hair is subject to more than 180 degrees the cuticle of the hair will be damaged, hair will start to thin and eventually brake off.

Not only is the hair dry and frizzy its elasticity is greatly affected the hairs natural bounce, imagine hair is like an elastic band it stretches and retracts when hair is subject to this type of abuse it become limp and lifeless and flops and when slept on overnight looks like candy floss in the morning and alas the only quick cure is the straightening irons again.

Additionally, hair will be more frizzy and dry so the use of hot irons becomes greater, a viscous circle.

The look of dead straight hair has been out of fashion for some time now but the regime of hair straightening has become a quick easy way of styling the hair for so many people compared to blow drying, especialy with time being such a strong factor today.

Hair from constant hot straightening irons can’t take it any longer it has to change.

So what can be done to change the habit?

The look now is beautiful healthy looking hair with volume and movement, many of our clients are now using either Velcro rollers that you can sleep in or the new type of revolving hair drier brushes and the use of natural bristle brushes to give beautiful smooth looking hair with waves and volume and even soft curl which has and always will be the best look ever for hair.The problem has always been time and effort or just not possible for most people to achieve at home but now with the latest tools and ideas this is becoming much easier and poor hair is now being given a new lease of LIKE.

Happy Christmas

The basecuts team


Image result for royalty free pictures of bleach disaster

This is an example of the type of new clients we have entering the salon. asking for hi-lights. You may ask what is the problem?

When you use bleach or hi-lift tints to create a blond or generally lighten the hair for the first time the result is that you reduce the tensile strength of the hair, the more you lift the natural colour the weaker the hair becomes, if you over lift the hair to white it will eventually brake of, so this is the harshest thing you can put the hair through. The other main consideration is that to lift the colour the cuticle of the hair  which are like layers of scales, they must be opened to enable extraction of the natural colour pigment which in turn leaves them broken and when bleach is used often beyond repair. Resulting in very dry, swollen frizzy hair.


You go in to the salon, you want to be a blonde, there is no other way to achieve this result without using a hi-lift tint or in most cases bleach especially when the hair is darker.


You have a full head or half head of hi-lights, no problem if done correctly the hair may be a little drier, knotty and fluffy, but your blonde, wonderful, it is true blondes have more fun.


Three to four months go by, now  your natural hair has grown around half inch a month so now you have one and a half to two inches of regrowth. Not a problem or is it?

You return to the salon to re-create what you had before, you love it and want it back the same as it was.

Now what we see time and time again is new clients come in to have their hi-lights re-done and they seem now to have almost a full head bleached blonde colour with the worst roots imaginable.

Whats gone wrong?



Each time the hi-lights have been re-done  the new streaks that have been  applied have been taken from root to ends so not only are they lifting the root section but the previously lightened hair is also being re-coloured. This method of Hi-lighting after as little as 2-3 times results in the already coloured hair being coloured over and over again to give a nearly full head bleach look, instead of having say 25-30% of the hair being coloured more like 75-95% is the end result. In addition you would notice that when the hair is first done it will obviously look very blonde and then after a few weeks it will not look so light. What has happened is that when you use bleach for example and bleach a piece of hair that has already been bleached to blonde quite a lot of it will fall out, as bleaching hair twice renders the hair so week reducing its tensile strength considerably, also leaving the hair with poor elasticity, limp and lifeless. Now the root regrowth needs doing every 4-6 weeks and your a bleach blonde which some people quite like but this is maybe not what you were looking to achieve.


Alternatively, If the hi-lights are to remain hi-lights as originally conceived, the answer is that only the re-growth should be coloured and the middle and ends left  free of  colour as they are already blonde enough. This will result in shorter visits to the salon, manageable re-growths, no breakage, no frizz, no limp lifeless hair just hi-lighted hair.

We hope this information may help you, please dont hesitate to give us a call or come into the salon if you need any advice all our consultations are free of charge

The basecuts team