Services and prices

Prices from short hair Long/Thick hair
Styling Senior stylist
Men’s cut & finish£39.00£44.00
Ladies cut & finish£55.00£64.00
Children from£25.00£30.00
Prices from short hair Long/Thick hair
Colour Specialists
Colour Semi permanent£59.00£65.00
Tint regrowth£59.00£65.00
Whole head tint£70£79.00
T-Section highlights£72£80.00
Half head highlights£85£92.00
Full head highlights£110£123.00
Bleach roots £84£93.00
Bleach full head£93£107.00
Brazilian straightening£145£170.00
Balayage(including toner)£140£157.00

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Prices on consultation Hair up, Fashion colour, Colour correction, Perming