Recent years have seen hair colouring moving away from highlights and all-over colours to softer more natural sun kissed looking shades with a grown out look and slightly unkempt. Blending colours to give depth and dimension to the hair, resulting in low maintenance colouring without having to re visit the salon every few weeks for a touch up. The colour can even be grown out completely and will still look great while doing so.


This is a highlighting technique, creating a subtle different result to conventional highlight techniques that give a uniform result, Balayage, used a lot in Europe and South America is a freehand technique, where sections of hair are hand painted using a backing board with various lightening colour tones, the sections can be wrapped in cellophane or foil. The result is a stronger, fatter, less even highlight, which can be placed at random to give that natural sun kissed beach look. This can be done on short choppy layers or, on thick heavy mid or long length hair, where it looks best being kept away from parting areas so as to look natural. It won’t need regular maintenance due to re-growths. Balayage is a great look, giving chunkier pieces of colour with more contrast to the natural colour, a less all-over blonde look it’s really a much more stylish look to highlights, but must be placed well to really enhance each individual person.


Ombre, more commonly known as the dip-dye, resulting in dark roots with lighter ends. It became popular a few years ago, which didn’t really look that great as many people found out because of the obvious demarcation line it created.


A nicer take on the Ombre, lighter colours are place on the upper sections of the hair while the lower sections have a few darker sections to blend the transition, resulting in a low maintenance colour. With no strong lines or re-growth resulting in a low cost option to conventional colour.

Basecuts preference to all these techniques is lending itself to a mixture of foil highlights and balayage placement of colour through selected sections. Colour is applied to both mid-length and tips of the hair with different degrees of lift, to give a more natural multi textural look, with attention to the crown and parting sections. This enables long lasting colour with low maintenance and low cost.